Our caregivers are committed to excellence in the quality of nurturing developmental milestones that come so quickly in those first few months of life. Our infant/waddler/toddler program is structured by use of the infant/waddler/toddler Creative Curriculum and Baby Signs.

Wave Infants (3 to 12 months): Infants will have plenty of exposure to music, story time, tummy time and gross motor skill practice. Each child is part of a small primary care group to ensure individualized attention. Children will be in their own cribs until approximately 12 months. Once they have taken their first steps, they will then transition to a raised cot, preparing them for the Waddler Room.

Wave Waddlers (12 to 16/18 months): Our Waddlers program is for our older infants that have started to take their first steps and are now taking one nap on their own cot, but are not quite developmentally ready to be with the Toddlers. Our Waddlers are now mobile and are seeking more choices in their environment. Their new environment will give opportunity to practice more gross motor play apart from the infants and toddlers where they can paint, sing dance and explore in a safe, secure environment.

Wave Toddlers (16/18 months to 24 months): Our Toddlers are steady walkers. Toddlers will enjoy a number of group activities including walks, art, story time, table toys, lessons in baby signs, and eating and napping. To transition to the two’s room, children will need to drink from a cup, be encouraged in their interest in potty training and be able to follow simple directions (sitting well for circle time).

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