Children will experience small circle time segments and lessons based on various themes and literature. Centers include dramatic play, manipulatives, blocks, reading, art and sensory.

Two’s (24 months to 32/33 months): In preparation for early preschool, we will begin progression towards potty training based on the child’s interest and partnership with parents (diapers are permissible). This class offers daily reports. The Two’s is an important stage where children begin to learn to share classroom materials and emerge in social development. Children in this class begin drinking from a standard cup, not sippy cups.

Older Two’s (32/33 months until they turn 3): This class is designed as an introduction to preschool. This is a fun stage when children will often say “I can do it by myself”. Children begin a potty training routine in order to enter the preschool programs. It is required that velcro sided pull-ups or training underpants with plastic covering (not diapers) are used, along with two/three changes of clothes.

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